No time to prepare or deliver training? With TrainingOK, your employees can start taking essential training courses the same day you sign up. Workers (and supervisors) train at their convenience, 24/7. We track and you save with this turnkey solution. Yes, it really can be this simple. Sign up today!

Training List

Unlike many training solutions available on the market today, TrainingOK courses are routinely reviewed and updated to reflect changes in federal regulations or best practices. Each training course is developed by lawyers, industry experts, and instructional designers who have experience across a wealth of industries, topics, and compliance areas.

These courses keep participants interested with engaging audio, built-in exercises, and key points to remember. Every course is completed by taking a quiz designed to test for competency in all the course material presented. Quiz results and course completion times are automatically recorded.

With only a few minutes to sign up, your company will have a complete Web-based training program with professionally developed courses, employee testing capabilities, and systematic documentation of employee training sessions and scores. And remember, TrainingOK courses can be delivered at individual employee desks, in computer centers, at training kiosks, or even in a classroom.

Training cover topics like:


Affordable Care Act - What You Need to Know

Employees Benefits - What Supervisors Need to Know

FMLA - What Supervisors Need to Know

How to Explain the 401k to Your Employees

How to Manage Military Leave

Pregnancy and Maternity



Fair Labor Standards Act - What Supervisors Need to Know

Financial Wellness

Job Description - How to Write Them Effectively

Negotiations Skills



ADA - What Supervisors Need to Know

Diversity for All Employees

Diversity - Legal Basics for Supervisors

Generational Diversity

Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment - What Employees Needs to Know

Sexual Harassment - What Supervisors Need to Know

Title VII Discrimination - What Supervisors Need to Know

Workplace Harassment - What Supervisors Need to Know

Workplace Harassment - What Employees Need to Know



Accident Investigation

All About Nutrition

Back Safety

Basic First Aid

Bloodborne Pathogens

Defensive Driving for Commercial Drivers

Defensive Driving for Noncommercial Motorists

Disaster Planning - What Supervisors Need to Know

Disaster Planning - What Employees Need to Know

Emergency Action and Fire Prevention

Exit Routes - Supervisors

Fire Extinguishers

Good Housekeeping

Hazard Communication

Healthy Aging

Identity Theft

Mold Hazard and Prevention

Office Ergonomic

Office Hazards

Pandemic Flu - How to Prevent and Respond

Preventing Workplace Violence - What Supervisors Need to Know

Stress Management

The Hazards of Smoking

Weather Emergencies

Weight Management

Wellness and You

Workplace Safety for Employees

Workplace Safety for Supervisors

Workplace Security for Employees

Workplace Violence - How to Prevent and Defuse for Supervisors



Employee Counseling and EAP

Employment Law for Supervisors - What You Should and Shouldn't Do

Essential HR - For Those Who Have Recently Assumed HR Responsibilities

Handling Employee Complaints

NLRA and Unions - What Supervisors Need to Know

Recordkeeping: Injury and Illness

Recordkeeping and Notice Requirements

Strategies for Legally Avoiding Unions

The Paperless Office

Temporary Employees and Independent Contract Workers

Wage Garnishment

Workers Compensation - What Supervisors Need to Know



Coaching for Superior Employee Performance - Techniques for Supervisors

Encouraging Employee Input

Grounds for Termination

How to Manage Downsizing and Layoffs

Managing Challenging Employees

Measuring Job Performance for Supervisors

Motivating Employees - Tips and Tactics for Supervisors

Performance Appraisals - How to Conduct Effectively

Performance Goals - How Goals Help Supervisors Manage Employees More Effectively

Professional Behavior - What Supervisors Need to Know

Progressive Discipline

Substance Abuse in the Workplace - What Supervisors Need to Know

Substance Abuse in the Workplace - What Employees Need to Know

Terminating Employees - The Process

Workplace Ethics - For Supervisors

Workplace Privacy - What Supervisors Need to Know

Workplace Theft



Attendance Management -What Supervisors Need to Know

Business Ethics -What Supervisors Need to Know

Business Writing for Employees

Business Writing for Supervisors and Managers

Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building

Conflict Resolution for Employees

Customer Service

Customer Service Skills - How We Call All Improve

Dealing With Change - How Supervisors Can Help

Effective Communication for All Employers

Effective Communication for Supervisors

Effective Meetings

E-Mail Best Practices

Hiring Legally

Leadership Skills

Immigration and Hiring

Interviewing Skills for Supervisors

Negotiation Skills for Supervisors

New Employee Orientation

New Employee Safety Orientation

New Supervisors Guide to Effective Supervision

Organizing and Planning for Success

Problem Solving for Employees

Problem Solving for Supervisors

Reducing Turnover and Increasing Retention - Tips and Tactics for Supervisors

Saving Energy at Work and Beyond

Teambuilding for All Employees

Teambuilding for Supervisors

Time Management Skills for Employees

Time Management for Supervisors

Training the Trainer

*** In addition, your organization's exclusive trainings can be added. ***

We offer two ways of yearly subscriptions. Pay per user or by User Packages. All subscriptions are yearly and will have a full access to the course list. Each course comes with a quiz, and a certificate is issues for user making 70% or better. Select the plan that fits your organizations need, and sign up today.

When you sign up, you will also get access to a Compliance Library. This is a comprehensive collection of guides, forms, training materials, and a customizable policies to help you comply with applicable workplace laws.

This is compilation of over 20 compliance programs addressing employment laws and workplace regulations. It include digital, printable resources addressing the following critical legal topics:

Wage and hour regulations

Workplace safety & OSHA compliance

EEO compliance (harassment & discrimination)

Benefits laws (HIPAA, COBRA, CHIPRA, etc.)

I-9 / immigration compliance

Labor relations (NLRA compliance)

This resources will help you establish important workplace policies, learn about your legal obligations, document your compliance efforts, comply with training requirements, and resolve employee complaints.


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